Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade in Landmark Opinion, 6-3 Decision! Trump: “God Made the Decision!”

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade in Landmark Opinion, 6-3 Decision! Trump: “God Made the Decision!”












Supreme Court Overturns

Roe v. Wade

In Landmark Opinion,

6-3 Decision

Democrats Come Unhinged

6/25/22 by Tim Buck


Tim’s News & Quotes:

I haven’t seen Democrats this mad since we took away their slaves!

The great irony is that Democrat cities will be burned down by Democrats in Democrat states where abortion will still be legal.

Breaking: The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton declared that abortions are now illegal in Texas and proclaimed June 24th as a holiday!

Trump: “God made the decision”

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively ending recognition of a constitutional right to abortion and giving individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban the practice altogether.

Row v. Wade reversal

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v. Wade is enormous.

Thank you, Lord, for this lifesaving decision. Thanks to the Trump-appointed judges and Justices Thomas, Alito and Roberts, the overturn was possible.

I am thrilled for the tireless efforts of the Christians who have been on the frontline of this battle. Congratulations to all of them!

When asked whether he feels he played a role in the reversal of Roe v. Wade, after having appointed three conservative justices to the high court, the former president Trump told Fox News: “God made the decision.”

The life decision will now be a state decision, which it should have been in the first place, with an estimated 26 states moving to make abortions illegal.

In Biden’s national address, he spoke lie after lie, fabrication after fabrication. He is a disgrace and now trying to stir up public discord to drive people to vote.

“We end this opinion where we began. Abortion presents a profound moral question. The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the court’s opinion.





Rep. Crazy Maxine Waters joined the chorus of Democrats and pro-abortion activists reacting furiously to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday.

Democrats are not against guns, because they have plenty of them, they are against non-Democrats having them to defend themselves. Democrats are not against laws, they use the law all the time, but they’re against any law that goes against their radical agenda.

So what’s the reaction when the highest court in America makes a decision based on the Constitution of the United States? To h*** with the Supremes, they cry! Cue the rioters, cue the burning buildings, and cue the lawless Biden administration applauding riots every step of the way. 

Maxine Waters on Dobbs Ruling: ‘The Hell with the Supreme Court, We Will Defy Them’

FROM BREITBART NEWS: Maxine Waters, flanked by Rep. Al Green (D-TX), joined activists outside the Supreme Court following the ruling, telling reporters: “The hell with the Supreme Court, we will defy them.”

“You see this turnout here? You ain’t seen nothing yet,” the California Democrat, who serves as chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, also warned.

Pray for Peace in the Streets as the enemy sends out the lawless activists in reaction to this wise decision.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.”
Proverbs 29:2

Radical Pro-Abortion Group Jane’s Revenge Planning “Night Of Rage!”

Radical Pro-Abortion Group Jane’s Revenge Planning “Night Of Rage!”













Jane’s Revenge
‘Night of Terror’

June 21, 2022 by Tim Buck

The radical pro-abortion group, Jane’s Revenge, is planning more acts of domestic terrorism when the U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion decision on Roe v. Wade is revealed, dubbed a “Night of Rage: An Autonomous Call to Action Against Patriarchal Supremacy.”

But Jane’s Revenge is not the only pro-abortion domestic terror group out there, and should the Supremes rule against Roe v. Wade, you will hear the very howls of the Devil himself expressing his outrage.

Very little of what is playing out now, and shortly in the future, has much to do with politics. This is spiritual, this is the continual assault on America’s foundations against the strongest Christian nation remaining in the last days!

That’s what you are watching unfold before your very eyes right now. So just remember as you watch the January 6th circus, that when Jane’s Revenge starts destroying stuff, and they’re telling you right now they will, Congress will sit back, applaud their efforts, and protect them from prosecution. That’s how Biden views justice.

Thank God for HOPE. The worse it gets, the closer He gets. Normal isn’t coming back, Jesus is!

As Gas Prices Rise to $6 Per Gallon, Biden Holds Massive ‘Days of Lot’ Pride Celebration At Whitehouse! How Far Will America Fall?

As Gas Prices Rise to $6 Per Gallon, Biden Holds Massive ‘Days of Lot’ Pride Celebration At Whitehouse! How Far Will America Fall?






As Gas Prices Rise to $6 Per Gallon, Biden Holds Massive ‘Days of Lot’ Pride Celebration At Whitehouse!

How Far Will America Fall?

June 20, 2022 by Tim Buck

Another SICK event at the Whitehouse. It’s no longer about human rights for gay people, we already have that pushed down our throats. America has graduated from that phase. It’s now become the flagrant celebration of the sinful lifestyle. Human rights got the camel’s nose in the door. Now it’s time to party, so let’s celebrate sexual freedom like it was in the ‘Days of Lot.’

US President Joe Biden used a packed White House ‘Days of Lot’ gay pride celebration Wednesday to tell young LGBTQIA+ Americans they have his support.

As the price of gas went over $6.00 per gallon ($10 in coastal California) in many states, Joe Biden was hard at work in the White House making sure that the ‘Days of Lot’ is an official part of the policy of his administration.

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America is in free-fall on every level and Biden is cheering our own destruction. How far will America fall? Are we experiencing the wrath of God on our country?

As believers, how should we live in the darkening nation of America?

Thank God for HOPE. The worse it gets, the closer He gets. Normal isn’t coming back, Jesus is!

Sickest Abortion Bill Yet! Plus, Radical Abortion Groups Continue To Disrupt Churches!

Sickest Abortion Bill Yet! Plus, Radical Abortion Groups Continue To Disrupt Churches!

A demonstrator holds up an abortion flag outside of the U.S. Supreme Court as justices hear a major abortion case on the legality of a Republican-backed Louisiana law that imposes restrictions on abortion doctors, on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., March 4, 2020. REUTERS/Tom Brenner










Sickest Abortion Bill Yet!

June 19, 2022 by Tim Buck

Unprecedented Evil Abortion Bill In California, Legalizing Infanticide Of Babies Up To 28 days AFTER BIRTH!

One of the SICKEST abortion bills we’ve ever seen – legalizing infanticide up to 28 days AFTER BIRTH – has just passed the full Assembly vote in California and the first state Senate Committee.

Now, countless innocent babies are in danger, even after they’re born.

The evil bill tries to disguise its intent by using the term “perinatal,” meaning up to FOUR WEEKS AFTER a baby is born. The radical-left media is also trying to cover-up the sinister evil in California’s newest abortion bill and trying to explain it away. But They’re Lying!

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) just confirmed its intent to permit the murder of babies up to 28 days after birth and sent a legal letter to the California Appropriations Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee opposing the demonic death-bill.

The Left is using the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade to unleash an unprecedented assault on life, not only with federal efforts to make Roe permanent, but in the states.

And now for the first time, there’s even been an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court Justice over the issue overturning Roe v Wade!








Radical abortion activist group continues to disrupt church services, large gatherings

Group’s motto is ‘Abortion On Demand & Without Apology!’

Pro-abortion disruption is being unleashed in churches, malls, sports stadiums and public areas by the radical RiseUp4AbortionRights group, with the latest target a Church in Detroit, Michigan.

As previously reported by Live Action News, naked Riseup4AbortionRights activists disrupted Sunday Mass at the St. Veronica Parish in Eastpointe on June 12, shouting, “Overturn Roe? Hell no,” “Abortion on Demand Without Apology,” and “Overturn Roe.”

Congregants responded by countering, “Abortion kills babies.” A video of the disruption was uploaded by the group, as well as Refuse Fascism Ohio.

The incident followed multiple disruptions at Catholic churches on Mother’s Day in May, as well as a disruption event at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Iran Planning To Test New Solid-Fueled Rockets! World on Edge!

Iran Planning To Test New Solid-Fueled Rockets! World on Edge!










Satellite Images Taken Tuesday Show Preparations On A Launch Pad Indicating The Terror State Of Iran Is Planning To Test New Solid-Fueled Rockets

Iran Testing New Rockets


Israel Launches ‘Chariots of Fire’

Drill Simulating Striking Iran

June 16, 2022  by Tim Buck

Iran acknowledged Wednesday it plans two tests for its new solid-fueled rocket after satellite photos showed preparations at a desert launch pad previously used in the program. Iran’s actions are taking place at a time when tensions remain high between Israel and Iran over Tehran’s rapidly advancing nuclear program.

Iran has been quiet lately, a little too quiet, and now we see why as they prepare to launch not one but two new solid-fueled rockets into Outer Space. Over in Israel, the IDF has been conducting very large, full-scale war simulations called ‘Chariots of Fire’ with related training for a pre-emptive strike on Iran to stop a nuclear attack.

13 The prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days, but Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I was left there with the kings of Persia, 14 and came to make you understand what is to happen to your people in the latter days. For the vision is for days yet to come.”

Daniel 10:13-14

When Obama and Biden were in office, they did everything they could to allow Iran to continue building its nuclear weapons program. The only thing it did was to speed it up. And because of that, Iran has been able to progress to the point where they are just about to announce they have functioning nuclear weapons.

The only reason it has taken the apocalyptic regime this long to reach nuclear readiness is because Israel has been waging a cyber and intelligence war with Iran to slow down their progress.

It almost seems inevitable that headlines might soon be reporting missiles flying between Tehran and Jerusalem.

When asked about Iran’s most recent provocations, State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters in Washington that the U.S. urges Iran to de-escalate the situation.

“Iran has consistently chosen to escalate tensions. It is Iran that has consistently chosen to take provocative actions,” Price said.

Stay tuned on this one…

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