Tim’s New Podcast and Analysis on the Middle East

Tim’s New Podcast and Analysis on the Middle East

Listen to Tim’s Newest Podcast on Tour of Truth hosted by Krista Smith.

Krista and Tim discuss how bible prophecy is behind today’s current events in the Middle East and how God orchestrates Israel and the surrounding nations.

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Hear lots of questions and plenty of insights about what God is doing today!

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Iran Ratchets its efforts to antagonize the U.S.A.

Iran Ratchets its efforts to antagonize the U.S.A.

U.S. accuses Iran of attacking two tankers in the Gulf of Oman and President Trump closes the door on talks between Washington and Tehran, reported The National, the main English newspaper in the United Arab Emirates.

Breaking News: Iran shot down a U.S. surveillance drone over the Strait of Hormuz. Iran claims the drone violated its airspace, but the U.S. military denies this.

Tensions Rise

Iran Reaching

Point of Desperation

President Trump,

“Iran made big mistake”


Tensions are spiking between Iran, the United States and our Gulf Arab Allies.

Iran is attempting to disrupt oil traffic in the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

Indeed, we may be closer to a military confrontation with Tehran more than any time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

In response to the drone’s destruction, President Trump tweeted “Iran made a very big mistake!” and called emergency meetings to discuss the U.S. response beyond the troop movements already in progress. 

No one wants another war, especially in the Middle East. But the Trump administration has been quite clear over the past year that it is losing patience with Tehran.

Trump Effect  – How can we tell if the Trump administration’s tough approach on Iran is working? Tehran is acting out in a bid to remove the pressure.

Tim’s View…

What’s Behind Iran’s Motives?

Iran’s rulers have announced they’ll soon cross a red line of the 2015 nuclear deal by exceeding its limit on stockpiles of highly enriched uranium.

This comes just after the attack on two fuel tankers in the Gulf of Oman and the shooting down of a U.S. Drone — attacks that the Trump administration has laid at the feet of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Breaching the nuke deal and Iran’s efforts to disrupt the flow of oil in the Persian Gulf is plainly intended to freak out the Europeans who desperately cling to faith in that suicidal pact (2015 Nuclear Deal) even though it gave Iran free rein to go fully nuclear within the decade.

The Gulf attacks, are hints that Tehran stands ready to disrupt world oil markets if it’s not appeased.

It’s all meant to get panicked allies and CEOs to push the White House to reverse course, and relax the sanctions that have reduced Iran’s oil sales to a trickle, pushing its economy toward collapse.

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, made the strategy explicit: “If a broad spectrum of countries decide to stand against the illegal blackmailing and bullying by the US, we can make the US retreat.”

But the threats are empty: Even rapid nuclear progress won’t save the Iranian economy before the regime must bend or collapse.

And Washington has defeated Tehran’s bid to close the Gulf to tankers before, and if need be will do it again. Plus, the world oil supply is far less dependent on Gulf traffic than in the past, thanks in part to the US fracking revolution.

No Fake News! Get the Truth and Stay Alert!

No Fake News! Get the Truth and Stay Alert!

The national media is almost worthless these days.

If you’re looking for reliable news, here are resources we count on to keep us informed.

The Watchman

The Watchman TV Show airs weekly on TBN. This is an exciting weekly news-magazine hosted by veteran investigative journalist and Middle East expert Eric Stakelbeck and sponsored by Christians United For Israel (CUFI), America’s largest, evangelical, pro-Israel organization.

We highly recommend recording and watching this program every week!

Past shows may be available on their website HERE and on YouTube.

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Jerusalem Dateline

Dateline Jerusalem TV show airs weekly on both CBN and Daystar Channels. The show is hosted weekly by veteran CBN Jerusalem bureau chief and Middle East expert Chris Mitchell and sponsored by CBN.

This excellent show offers the viewer an eyewitness account of prophecy unfolding in Israel and the Middle East.

Past shows are available on their website HERE and on YouTube.

Follow on Facebook HERE

One America News Network (OAN)

Forget the Fakes and get the Facts 24/7

President Trump’s Favorite News Network!

Check out their live, “Cost of Illegal Immigration Chart” on the front page of their website HERE

Tonight – Obama Versus Trump – Mid East Update

Tonight – Obama Versus Trump – Mid East Update

God allowed both men to become President of the United States for very different reasons. Tonight we’ll explain why!


Mid East

Current Events Update


Comparing the Policies of 

Obama versus Trump

For America’s Future

Doors Open 6 PM

Appetizers and Desserts

Worship Begins

6:45 PM

Class Notes

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Session 1

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We will take a sweeping look across the Middle East and see how recent current events in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and others are lining up with end time prophecy!

We will also discuss the significance of the Trump Effect on these nations and his impact on last day events!

Session 2

Special Closed Door Session

America in Prophecy
Obama versus Trump

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Class attendees tonight only will receive Tim’s important analysis of America in the last days!

Is the Trump Peace Plan in Bible Prophecy? Final Seven Years To Armageddon!

Is the Trump Peace Plan in Bible Prophecy? Final Seven Years To Armageddon!

The Bible prophesies that Israel will agree to a covenant that triggers the Final Seven Years of Tribulation.

Mid East

Current Events Update


Final Seven Years

to Armageddon

Ninety percent of the prophecies in the Bible pertain to the times which you and I are living in right now.

The Bible prophesies an event that will spark the Final Seven Years to the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

This prophesied event is just ahead of us and it’s my belief that the Trump Peace Plan is laying the groundwork for it.

Daniel 9:26 describes a seven year covenant to be made between Antichrist and Israel and when the covenant is confirmed it begins the clock ticking for the seven year Tribulation.

You can learn more about the Final Seven Years prophecy and it’s connection to the Trump Peace Plan tomorrow night.

Join us as we discover the links between current events and the prophecies of the Bible.

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