The IDF war in Rafah continues to escalate and stir the world’s ire! In a first since the ’67 Six Day War, Egypt exchanged fire with the IDF. The IDF has made its way into the heart of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. The Hague revealed its true colors. Europe is recognizing a Palestinian state. What’s next?

Isaiah 40:8
“The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.” 



Prophecy Update
Israel Prepared for Extended War

6/4/24 By Tim Buck


Israel & Hamas

The IDF has made its way into the heart of Rafah – the last major Hamas stronghold in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Tragically, more bodies of Israelis who were killed on October 7 and taken to Gaza continue to be recovered in this city. Being the cowards they are, Hamas leaders are content to dwell in their tunnels presenting the façade that hostages are alive in order to leverage some sort of deal with Israel. Of course, when their strategy fails, they blame Israel for their deaths.

Like the rest of Gaza, the city of Rafah sits atop hundreds if not thousands of terror tunnels under the city, which the IDF is progressively destroying. Along with blowing up the tunnels, the military is also terminating weapon-storage facilities, rocket-production sites, and much more along the way. It’s time to put an end to Hamas!

Despite Biden’s threats and the State Department saying it would take 6 months, Israel accomplished the safe removal of civilians from the city in a matter of weeks! While the Biden Administration is screaming, “But the civilians in Rafah…!” After removing the people of Rafah, Israel found rockets and other weapons everywhere they went. It’s safe to say that the opinion of the White House is not held in high esteem in Israel these days.

As you probably know by now, the Hague condemned Israel last week for their assault in Rafah. At the end of the day, this is meaningless. Israel will do what it needs to do to survive by dismantling Hamas to prevent future terrorist attacks. However, consider the darkness of the hour in which we live, as an international court condemns Israel for protecting its people, ultimately sympathizing with Hamas and terrorism in general! And yes, Hamas praised the decision! Oh, and by the way, yes, Hamas is continuing to kill the people of Gaza. And in case you’re still on the fence concerning UNRWA, it was in the tunnels inside of buildings constructed by UNRWA that the mutilated body of the German-Israeli woman, Shani Louk, was found. The UN and UNRWA are corrupt to the core!

As of Wednesday, the IDF obtained full operational control of the Philadelphi Corridor near Rafah. This is extremely significant because Hamas is now completely cut off from all sides. There is no way of escape. There are no incoming resources. As one source put it – this is the beginning of the end of Hamas in Gaza.


In the wake of the deteriorating relations between Israel and Egypt, an unusual incident occurred between the IDF and the Egyptian army in the Rafah crossing area. Israel is conducting an investigation into the details of the incident, which may have significant political consequences.

Basically, Egyptian soldiers opened fire on IDF forces. Ultimately, one Egyptian soldier was killed. More revealing is the fact that, all along, we now find out how two-faced Egypt is being complicit in aiding Hamas in the transfer of weapons into Gaza! Reports are, Egypt has made 100’s of millions of dollars on bribes and weapons transfers from Palestinians wanting to leave Gaza and from Hamas smuggling weapons into Gaza over the last decade! It’s not just Hamas that’s a gang of thieves but also Egypt and those guilty of the money syphering scheme run all the way up to the top and point to the son of Egypt’s president Al Sisi.

Lebanon, Syria, & Hezbollah

Israel is continuing to conduct targeted attacks in Lebanon as Hezbollah’s presence thrives in the region. Northern Israel has experienced a host of air raid sirens due to more barrages of rockets being fired from Lebanon over the last week. Sadly, the terrorists successfully caused some damage to homes in the Galilee region. However, it’s almost a daily occurrence that the IDF is killing Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.

Israel’s targeted attacks are not isolated to Lebanon, as they’re happening throughout Syria as well. Last week, Israel carried out a dramatic and remote bombing in the Alawite city of Banias on the Syrian coast (north of Tartus near the Russian base, the Khmeimim Air Base). Hezbollah trucks were bombed and there were casualties. Make no mistake, while Gaza is the largest terror base on the face of the earth, the largest war is yet to come – and it will be with Hezbollah.

Yemen & the Houthis

The Houthis continue to provoke violence in the region whenever and wherever they can. In the last week, they’ve claimed attacks on ships in various bodies of water, and they shot down another Reaper Drone belonging to the US military.

The United States and the Dock Flop!

The $320M dock in Gaza that American taxpayers provided – courtesy of the Biden Administration – was short lived, and may have met its end last week. The dock became dismantled by heavy waves and finally deteriorated and disappeared into the Mediterranean Sea. OOPS!!! The Biden dock which was a terribly bad idea turned out to be an embarrassing waste of US resources and now a metaphor for US foreign policy… a flop!

America should be far more concerned about what’s happening in our own country and our southern border than building a dock in Gaza! If what’s coming out of DC isn’t telling you everything you need to know, the terrible fruit coming from America’s college campuses ought to do the trick. If Al-Qaeda and the supreme leader of Iran are siding with what’s taking place on our college campuses, it’s a sneak preview into the decline of the American Empire.

The International Community

Last week, a handful of European countries were moving towards recognizing a Palestinian state. Sadly, what was moving last week is a reality this week, as Ireland’s & Spain’s governments chose to formally recognize a Palestinian state. I expect that others will follow suit. If that’s not enough, Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz called for a genocide of Jews in Israel saying, “We cannot stop. Palestine will be free from the River to the Sea.” Apparently, the Inquisition wasn’t enough.

Thankfully, there are countries like Denmark standing in opposition to this stupidity. Moreover, Greece has motioned to deport any foreign students who participated in anti-Israel protests.

October 7 was so barbaric that it either intimidated the free world into appeasement or inspired others to courage, such as Holland and Argentina. Regrettably, much of the West and Asia simply tried to stop Israel from defending its people from the savagery of the Islamic Jihadi’s. In doing so, they revealed their own corruption and cowardice. If only the world was united against evil, the Gaza war would be over by now.