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Trump Defunds UNRWA

Did Israel Steal the Land From Palestinians?
President Trump has put his finger on one of the biggest obstacles to peace in the Middle East. Unlike other US presidents, instead of shying away, he’s lunged…

The False Prophet: Top 10 Lessons

What Does it Mean? Here are 10 lessons concerning the truth about the false prophet. There seems to be a good bit of confusion about this important end time individual so we thought we would share these 10 bullet points to recap our class teaching. 1. The...

Identity of the False Prophet

Identity of the False Prophet Few passages have sparked more debate and misinterpretation than the eight verses about the False Prophet that appear in Revelation 13:11-18! The best route to make a proper identification comes from unpacking the five clues...


Focus On The End Times (FOTET.ORG) is an independent ministry founded by Tim and Nancy Buck and is funded by supporting friends and partners. This ministry is not connected to any church or ministry.

Focus On the End Times is a Bible teaching ministry that consists of eight to ten classes a year, special events, and monthly blog. Tim teaches and reports on political, social, religious events and trends relating to Bible prophecy. The teaching focus is on the Middle East, Israel and Jerusalem, the epicenter of God’s final plans.

What People Are Saying

The End Times Prophecy class was very enlightening and informative for me. I have never spent much time reading or studying the Old Testament Prophets so the material Tim presented exposed the Book of Revelation to me in a whole new light. Understanding the connection between Old Testament end times prophecy and Revelation in connection with current events in the Middle East really brings the threat posed by Islam into greater perspective. As a retired Army veteran with 30 years experience in the intelligence field, to include a deployment to Iraq, I was cognizant of Islamic fundamentalist threats to our secular way of life. But this class showed the larger threat to our spiritual lives and how Islam fits into Biblical end times prophecy. Thanks again for your expertise, sense of urgency and overall commitment to this critical topic.

Chuck Linville

Colonel, US Army Reserve (Ret)

We have had the privilege of attending more than six Focus on the End Times Ministry classes. The Lord has truly anointed Tim with an understanding of prophecy. We have learned an incredible amount about the Lord’s plan for end times and how God’s word relates to current and world events, as well as the relationship to geopolitics. It is as if we see world events in a different dimension. We encourage anyone who is interested in understanding Christian persecution, the rise of Islam, Israel,terrorism and current world events to not miss any of the upcoming classes. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be students of Focus on the End Times Ministry. We thank the Lord for Tim’s efforts to share his knowledge and his willingness to pour into our community.

Kirk and Shari Bevan

Esquire, CLU



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