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God Lets Satan Back In The Garden

God is all powerful. Yet He allows Satan to carry out his deceitful and destructive activities—within certain limits—for a purpose. At the end of the Millennial Kingdom, Satan is set free! After 1000 years in solitary confinement the Lord will let Satan, the "snake"...

Why You And Your Church Should Take Prophecy Seriously

Why is prophecy important in your life as a Christian and in the life of your church? Bible prophecy is one of the most ignored topics in churches today! Many churches shy away from even mentioning “Bible Prophecy” often calling it “unnecessarily divisive.” It is...

The Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Millennial Kingdom

The Purpose of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Millennial Kingdom The Feast of Tabernacles is also nicknamed "Sukkah" or "God has us Covered". The name Feast of Tabernacles comes from the tabernacles, or temporary dwellings, that God commands His people to stay in...

Focus On The End Times (FOTET.ORG) is an independent ministry founded by Tim and Nancy Buck and is funded by supporting friends and partners. This ministry is not connected to any church or ministry.

Focus On the End Times is a Bible teaching ministry that consists of eight to ten classes a year, special events, and monthly blog. Tim teaches and reports on political, social, religious events and trends relating to Bible prophecy. The teaching focus is on the Middle East, Israel and Jerusalem, the epicenter of God’s final plans.

What People Are Saying

We have been a part of Focus on End Times Ministry for approximately 3 years. Tim and his wife Nancy are such wonderful people and we have grown to love them dearly. Tim’s teaching is energetic and his knowledge of end time prophecy is beyond anyone we have ever heard.  His passion for the Lord and for teaching about His second coming has made such an impact on our lives. It has brought a deeper understanding in a time when churches shy away from this topic. Tim’s uncanny ability to tackle such a deep subject head on is inspiring.  The details of his teachings and his ability to connect the dots makes learning about the End Times subject much easier. Once you begin to gain a better understanding under Tim’s teaching, you feel encouraged to study further on your own.  JESUS IS COMING BACK and we need to be prepared. Tim’s teachings have opened our eyes to how much we need to be prepared.

Blake and Debbie Kelley

We have had the privilege of attending more than six Focus on the End Times Ministry classes. The Lord has truly anointed Tim with an understanding of prophecy. We have learned an incredible amount about the Lord’s plan for end times and how God’s word relates to current and world events, as well as the relationship to geopolitics. It is as if we see world events in a different dimension. We encourage anyone who is interested in understanding Christian persecution, the rise of Islam, Israel,terrorism and current world events to not miss any of the upcoming classes. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be students of Focus on the End Times Ministry. We thank the Lord for Tim’s efforts to share his knowledge and his willingness to pour into our community.

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Events Location

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