Class Notes

Today we are seeing the unfolding of the end times just as proclaimed by the prophets. The finish line is in sight and the Gospel calls us to live urgently in light of the approaching Day of the Lord. The closer we approach the return of Jesus, the greater rage Satan will demonstrate against the promise of the Abrahamic Covenant and the greater wrath the nations demonstrate against Zion.
We are watching the mounting controversy against Jews and Christians daily.


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Tim teaches using a responsible exposition of the biblical prophets to proclaim the good news that Jesus is coming soon!

Your classes have meant so much to me. This last class was so informative, as usual, but what was even more impacting was the assurances we have in Jesus Christ, who we are as Christians and what a Savior we serve!! It is prompting me to more thoroughly study the book of Revelation more in depth. How important it is to live as though he were coming any day – and he is! – and to be aware of the direction we are headed, but the hope we have as being His children brings such peace, joy and comfort in these last days!

Thank you for your courageous and needed ministry, your tireless hours and being willing to endure many obstacles to bring this to so many. May God continue to richly bless FOTET and may it continue to grow in every way!

Donna Connolly

Brookwood Church