End Times

I’m not a prophet, but the End Times are here!

The End Times, in the sense of Bible prophecy, moved into high gear in 1948 when Israel became a nation. Israel was predicted in Scripture to launch the world into its last days by doing what no other nation on earth has ever done — return to re-establish its homeland after being cast out for 2,000 years. Israel was the key to jump starting the end times because so many prophecies, especially in the Old Testament, could not be fulfilled until Israel was a nation at home in her land.

Israel’s return to her homeland — given by God — is just the beginning of a foretold chain of events revealed in the Bible.

Now that Israel is there, dozens of relevant prophecies have cascaded forth. What the Bible talks about concerning the end times is unfolding today.

The Middle East is in turmoil. Morality seems to have hit rock bottom. Christians are experiencing overt oppression and persecution. The world is churning with radical Islamic terrorist groups, including ISIS, all who boast as being enemies of Israel. Anti-Semitism is increasing dramatically. No longer do we feel safe in our world. Instability now plagues our world both nationally and internationally creating a global wave of anxiety and insecurity.

We find ourselves living in the end times that were written about thousands of years ago, that are now unfolding before our very eyes. As we see these things come to pass, God’s prophecy clock ticks ever closer to the return of Jesus!

The most prolific prophecy in scripture is the glory and universality of Messiah’s reign in the Millennial Kingdom. “May all kings bow down to him and all nations serve him.” Ps 72:11