What People Are Saying

The End Times Prophecy class was very enlightening and informative for me. I have never spent much time reading or studying the Old Testament Prophets so the material Tim presented exposed the Book of Revelation to me in a whole new light. Understanding the connection between Old Testament end times prophecy and Revelation in connection with current events in the Middle East really brings the threat posed by Islam into greater perspective. As a retired Army veteran with 30 years experience in the intelligence field, to include a deployment to Iraq, I was cognizant of Islamic fundamentalist threats to our secular way of life. But this class showed the larger threat to our spiritual lives and how Islam fits into Biblical end times prophecy. Thanks again for your expertise, sense of urgency and overall commitment to this critical topic.

Chuck Linville

Colonel, US Army Reserve (Ret)

When I signed up for my first Focus on the End Time class with Tim, I really didn’t have much understanding about the end times or Bible prophecy. I had heard and read a few things over the years, but they didn’t fully make sense to me and no one else was talking about it.

I can’t even put into words how amazed I was as I started to learn in Tim’s classes about the detailed history of Biblical events of the past, present and future, and how they fit together in God’s word. It’s like my eyes were suddenly opened and the blinders flew off! It all started to make sense and I couldn’t get enough information about the end times. I developed a real hunger for it! Ever since that first class I attended, I see my life and everything else in a totally different light. I fully trust God’s plan, as the stage is being set for things to come. I even understand my role as a Christian with more clarity and look forward to the glorious future that we have ahead of us as believers!

I’ve now attended four of Tim’s Focus on the End Times series of classes and I feel so grateful for the way they have blessed my life! These classes have strengthened my faith and given me a thirst for God’s word like never before! Tim has an amazing way of teaching that is Bible centered, easy to understand, and his passion for Christ is absolutely contagious.

Ellen Taylor

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

When I was a teenager and through much of my twenties, I believed in God and the Bible but I also believed that there was no need for me to be concerned with the ‘End Times’ or Geo-politics. It wasn’t until my late twenties, when I surrendered my life fully to Christ, that He gave me a desire to be knowledgeable about every part of His Word. As I began to grow in my relationship with Christ, I understood that it was important for me to be surrounded, discipled and mentored by mature Christians. Since Tim has been faithfully studying Bible prophecy in God’s Word for many years, I trust him to teach me in these matters.

It is amazing to have the opportunity to be a part of the classes and to learn more about what God’s Word says about End Times. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and frightening to think about the future, especially as a young person with so much life ahead. Focus on the End Times Ministry is helping me gain God’s perspective on the times in which we are living.

I am so thankful for this ministry through which God reminds me that no matter what happens on this Earth, He is in control of my future and always has my good and His glory in mind. We know the end of the story, the victory is ours in Christ Jesus!

Bethany Nemeth

Focus on the End Times classes opened my eyes, not only to the evil acts so widespread in this world, but to the power and richness of Biblical prophecy and God’s warnings, instructions, and promises for us today.

The fact that God’s word, the Bible, declares without error the events that are unfolding around us is evidence of His Sovereignty. His plan will prevail and we have no need to fear as we live for Him.

Tim’s teaching takes you into the prophecies of God’s Word and ties it into what is going on in the world today. He has a vast amount of knowledge of the Word of God and how to apply it to current and past historical events.

Trina Kolenich

Fellowship Greenville

My wife and I attended Focus on the End Times Prophecy classes and were truly blessed.

As a pastor for almost 53 years, educated in Baptist schools, I agree wholeheartedly with Tim’s teaching. He was able to take God’s Word and make us aware that all that is happening in the Middle East and the threats that we see here in America and around the world are simply the fulfillment of Scripture. We were so blessed by the powerful teaching and look forward to attending other classes. May God’s blessing be upon this ministry. We need more teachers and classes like these.

Rev David (Gene) Lloyd and wife Doris

Rocky Creek Baptist Church

We have had the privilege of attending more than six Focus on the End Times Ministry classes. The Lord has truly anointed Tim with an understanding of prophecy. We have learned an incredible amount about the Lord’s plan for end times and how God’s word relates to current and world events, as well as the relationship to geopolitics. It is as if we see world events in a different dimension. We encourage anyone who is interested in understanding Christian persecution, the rise of Islam, Israel, terrorism and current world events to not miss any of the upcoming classes. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be students of Focus on the End Times Ministry. We thank the Lord for Tim’s efforts to share his knowledge and his willingness to pour into our community.

Kirk and Shari Bevan

Esquire, CLU

Focus On the End Times Ministry shines a light on the extremely critical times we live in and helps Christians to understand the prophecies of God’s word regarding Israel, Islam and the End Times.

The class highlighted the need for Christians to know the season we are living in and to have a sense of urgency for souls to be saved before the rapture….before it’s too late.

Al (Messianic Jew) & Ann Chetron

New Hope Baptist Church

Tim’s study brought to light that we very well could be living in the end times spoken of in the Bible.  Signs are all around us and it could be very near and oh, how it made me want to rush home and talk to my kids…. I couldn’t get home fast enough.  I wanted and needed to make sure they were right with the Lord. We all need to become more intentional with our faith. We know that the end will come for us at some point. As Christians though, we have hope and faith that when that day comes, we will live eternally with God and there will be no more pain and suffering.  

Tim shared with us the first night of the Focus on the End Times Class, in August, that if we had the secret that would cure cancer, wouldn’t we share it with everyone we know?  We do have the cure for sin and salvation……His name is Jesus!   We live in a crazy world and we need to be reaching out to our unsaved, family, friends, and neighbors….. because the time is near when Jesus will return.

Pam & Andy Patterson

Former Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

We have thoroughly enjoyed Focus on the End Times classes. They revealed Biblical truth to us in relation to the events that are happening in the world, and how they relate to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tim’s knowledge of the Word of God and world events lets us see how near to the Rapture we may be. If only everyone could hear these prophesies and understand the truth – it could wake up America and the world.

Dave and Jan Hurley

Lanford Baptist Church

Your classes have meant so much to me. This last class was so informative, as usual, but what was even more impacting was the assurances we have in Jesus Christ, who we are as Christians and what a Savior we serve!! It is prompting me to more thoroughly study the book of Revelation more in depth. How important it is to live as though he were coming any day – and he is! – and to be aware of the direction we are headed, but the hope we have as being His children brings such peace, joy and comfort in these last days!

Thank you for your courageous and needed ministry, your tireless hours and being willing to endure many obstacles to bring this to so many. May God continue to richly bless FOTET and may it continue to grow in every way!

Donna Connolly

Brookwood Church