Statement Of Faith

The Trinity

We believe the Trinity exists in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three Persons are one God, having precisely the same nature, attributes and perfection.


We believe there is only one true and living God. He is our creator and the One to whom all praise and glory are given. He is perfect in all ways and in all things. Through God, all things are possible.

The Lord Jesus Christ

We believe in His eternal existence as God; His incarnation and Virgin Birth, His death on the cross as the substitutionary atonement of sin; His literal bodily resurrection from the dead; His present ministry of intercession in heaven; His Personal calling up of the church in the Rapture and His future return to earth at the Second Coming.

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, convicts men of sin and regenerates, baptizes, indwells, seals and sets apart believers unto a holy life; keeps and empowers believers day by day; and is the Teacher of the word of God and the guide for daily living.

The Scriptures

We believe in the absolute verbal inspiration of the Word of God and that both the Old and New Testaments are perfect in the original writings and are the supreme and final authority for faith and life.


We believe that God created Adam and Eve in His image, but they sinned when tempted by Satan. In union with Adam, human beings are sinners by nature and by choice, alienated from God, and under His wrath. Only through God’s saving work in Jesus Christ can we be rescued, reconciled, and redeemed.


We believe that salvation is by grace, a free gift of God apart from works. Salvation involves repentance, a turning from one’s own way to God’s way and seeking forgiveness of one’s own sin. Salvation is through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. All who receive Jesus Christ are born again and regenerated by the Holy Spirit to become the children of God. This true salvation will be manifested by a changed life. Grace is the way we are saved, the means by which we are changed, and the door that gives us eternity with Jesus.

The Future

We believe in the Pretribulational Rapture of the Church. Following the rapture will be the 7 year Tribulation. The Tribulation will culminate in the Premillennial, Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth when Christ will reign on the throne of David in Jerusalem for 1000 years. Unbelievers will be resurrected at the end of the Millennium, and stand before God at the White Throne judgment. The New Heavens and New Earth will be the final destination of all believers.

Stick with the truth…

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons…”

1 Timothy 4:1

Scripture (Hosea 4:6) says, “…my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Focus on the End Times is the logical bridge between end-times biblical prophecy and current events. Tim is a masterful and gifted teacher of the Word, as he presents truth from scripture against the backdrop of world events. He artfully juxtapositions the truth of scripture against the false claims of Islam, while alerting us to understand that the invasion of Islam in America (and other parts of the world) is further along than most of us recognize and is growing in force every day. Focus on the End Times offers critical information and valuable resources for anyone who seeks to understand our current world climate and what God’s Word teaches us concerning the timeline of current and coming events. Skillfully moving between Old Testament and New Testament, Focus on the End Times is a must for any follower of Christ, and informative for anyone who is curious!

Stephanie Baker

President, Life In Abundance